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  • “Not coffee, but near coffee”

    “Not coffee, but near coffee”

    Foodrinks is the ideal partner for small and medium-sized roasters, but also for large confectionery companies, because the products that it designs and distributes can always get the best out of coffee break.

    A wide selection of drinks and coffee related food items help baristas in offering a better service focusing on the quality of tasting. Foodrinks puts the customer at the centre of a new coffee shop concept, which highlights the service provided. To guarantee the best quality, our manufacturers are national and international companies and well-established brands.

  • Our story. Our challenges.

    Foodrinks was established at the end of the ‘90s a bit as a joke and a bit as a challenge. The biggest effort was trying to create a wafer cup lined with chocolate that could both hold coffee and stay crunchy. This was a successful adventure which led to the launch of Chocup, a small but great pastry masterpiece. The father of the first edible coffee cup is Cesare Scarpellini, CEO of Foodrinks and food & beverage enthusiast, constantly keeping up with innovation and the new trends of the market.

    The success of Chocup was complemented and followed by the production and implementation of new healthy and natural products. Thanks to constant research and development, Foodrinks is constantly expanding its product range which now includes: Thai Break (ginseng coffee), Pinking (red fruit, guarana and ginseng infusion), Thai Break DIET, IRISH (Non-alcoholic Irish coffee). Today Foodrinks products are well-established both in Italy and worldwide. The Italian distribution has been complemented by a European and international network.

    Our story. Our challenges.

Quality and innovation: a philosophy that brings us closer to the consumer

The profile of today’s consumer is that of a person who cares about product quality and wholesomeness and is interested in the new trends of the beverage industry. coffee break takes on great importance for the italian culture and it is part of a ritual which cannot be renounced.

It lies at the basis of an art contantly striving for perfection. to improve the taste of coffee and its pleasant sensations Foodrinks carefully analyzes the quality of ingredients and supervises the entire manufacturing process to guarantee high safety standards and provide specific certifications. but that’s not all.

Foodrinks also works with the most qualifed marketing agencies, creates trademarks and offers cutomised packaging to help its customers, roasters and pastry distributors to better promote coffee and its wide range of coffee-related products.


Foodrinks designs and distributes the best products for the food,
beverage and catering industry.



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