CHOCUP® Classic 60 ml

CHOCUP® Classic 60 ml

Chocup® Classic 60 ml 60 ml waffle cup, internally coated in dark Belgian chocolate: perfect for breakfast or for a sweet snack or nibble.

With its chocolate coating, Chocup® Classic tastes delicious with espresso or coffees such as marocchino and mocha. It also means you don't have to add sugar.

Also perfect for brandy, whisky creams or small portions of ice cream and desserts.
Comes in a handy dispenser containing 40 individually packaged pieces. For cafés, the home or as a gift.

Bicchiere in wafer da 60ml, ricoperto di cioccolato fondente belga e palline di zucchero colorate (sprinkles): l’ideale per colazioni, merende, snack dolci.

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