With its recognisable packaging displaying a purple stripe, Thai Break Strong is an instant coffee and ginseng drink, designed for the food and catering industry and for small vending businesses. Its blend is strong and genuine and allows you to truly appreciate the vital and powerful energy of ginseng, without giving up the flavour of coffee.

How do we make it?

We select only 100% natural ingredients and we skilfully blend them following a traditional Thai recipe. The caffeine content is 35/40% of that of a normal coffee. This drink is characterised by slow absorption and this ensures a balanced sensations of well-being. The aroma of ginseng does not take over the basic flavour of sugared arabica coffee. A 20g dose has 88 calories.

Available packaging:

  • 10 Kg carton box (25 sachets containing 20 single-dose bags of 20g each)
  • 4 Kg carton box (8 bags of 500g to be used with instant drinks machines)

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